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The ABC's of Parenting

The ABCs of Parenting
(Source: unknown)

Ask your child about the school day.
Begin your child's day with a nourishing breakfast.
Congratulate you child for doing well.
Discuss homework with your child.
Encourage your child to read.
Find a quiet place for your child to study.
Give your child responsibility.
Hug your child to build self worth.
Include your child in making simple family decisions.
Join a library with your child.
Keep your child on a schedule that includes exercise and sleep.
Limit TV viewing by selecting programs with your child.
Make the time you spend with your child special.
Notice and discuss changes in your child's behavior.
Offer to help your child organize school papers.
Provide your child with good role models.
Question the activities your child shares with friends.
Respect your child's right to have opinions different from yours.
Share an interest or a hobby with your child.
Take time to listen to your child.
Urge your child to say "NO!" to unwanted touching.
Visit places of interest with your child.
Work with your child to set up rules of behavior.
Xerox and save records or articles that benefit your child.
Yield results by encouraging your child to do better.
Zoom through these ABCs again and again!


We left you at the door

We Left You At The Door

by James Singleton

We took you down to school today.
You're just beginning now;
Although this year you're five years old,
You seem so young somehow!

We didn't take you all the way,
For we'd been told before,
"Don't go into his room with him,
Just leave him at the door."

Up to this time we've always gone
Together everywhere,
And we have had a lot of fun
While traveling here and there;

But we well knew before it came,
We're parted more and more.
So many times we will stand outside
And leave you at the door.

You're growing up so very fast
It's hard to keep in step;
The fact of changing years is hard
for parents to accept.

You'll have to walk your path alone
No matter what's in store;
We'll bring you up to life's classroom,
Then leave you at the door.

While you were ours these tender years,
We treasured every day,
Full knowing that the time would come,
When you would go your way;

And though this love will still remain,
Within our heart's deep care,
Our eyes will sting to see you go
And leave us at the door!


The trivial things

I'm a trivia addict. I really like trivia games and trivia questions.

I guess it all started back in high school. I had a math teacher who used to ask trivia questions. Sometimes the questions were very hard, and it would take a while to think of the answer. Other questions were easy for me, and because of this I was asked to join the high school quiz bowl team. We had a pretty solid team overall, and I learned so much information in that time period (I couldn't even relate how much I've forgotten since). It just made me realize how fun knowing things can be.

So what profession do I seek once I rule out 2-3 others? A teacher! A person who knows everything... well at least according to his/her students.

Back in the days when Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit were popular I really enjoyed playing both of those games. In my classroom I sponsor the school's quiz bowl team. I enjoy asking the questions and seeing the students become interested in trivia too.

I'm not confessing to be the world's smartest person by any means. I just enjoy trivia. I've found a few trivia sites on the net that I'd like to share with you. If you have any that you know of, please share them with me here.

Fun Trivia
Trivia World
Trivia Spot
Trivia Machine
Trivial Pursuit