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The trivial things

I'm a trivia addict. I really like trivia games and trivia questions.

I guess it all started back in high school. I had a math teacher who used to ask trivia questions. Sometimes the questions were very hard, and it would take a while to think of the answer. Other questions were easy for me, and because of this I was asked to join the high school quiz bowl team. We had a pretty solid team overall, and I learned so much information in that time period (I couldn't even relate how much I've forgotten since). It just made me realize how fun knowing things can be.

So what profession do I seek once I rule out 2-3 others? A teacher! A person who knows everything... well at least according to his/her students.

Back in the days when Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit were popular I really enjoyed playing both of those games. In my classroom I sponsor the school's quiz bowl team. I enjoy asking the questions and seeing the students become interested in trivia too.

I'm not confessing to be the world's smartest person by any means. I just enjoy trivia. I've found a few trivia sites on the net that I'd like to share with you. If you have any that you know of, please share them with me here.

Fun Trivia
Trivia World
Trivia Spot
Trivia Machine
Trivial Pursuit


At 6:39 PM, Anonymous the psy chick said...

My husband refuses to watch Jeopardy with me because I get too many questions right to his wrong answers. He begs me to go on "Who wants to be a millionaire..." If only I had the cash to get to New York in the first place!

I love trivia, ever since I watched Jeopardy with my dad as a littler girl.

At 11:08 PM, Blogger Dree said...

Psy chick - I have the same problem with all of my friends. They won't watch Jeopardy with me, and they refuse to play Trivial Pursuit with me. I'm such a trivia geek. There should be a club for people like us. :)

At 11:08 AM, Blogger Dirty Butter said...

You would probably enjoy reading a magazine that originated in Birmingham, Alabama, called Mental Floss. There are several books they've put out, too. I've given a couple of them to my DH, who loves to learn odd facts, and he's thoroughly enjoying them.



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