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Words of Wisdom #2

Write things down- Keep a yearly Journal

From everything to a quick recap of phone conversations, to how you handled a discipline situation, write it down with the date and time. This can be very helpful as a reference.

I've used mine as a diary at times. Most of the time I'm so swamped that I just jot down major things that happen instead. It really depends on the current flow. Right now, I'm jotting things down quickly, in shorthand. A very busy time of year for me.

I do use it as a discipline record as well. I just quickly recap what happened and what I did. Of course every year is different as far as students too. This year I've had very little to write about in that regard.


At 11:39 PM, Blogger kontan said...

great suggestion. it has come in handy a lot for me this year while dealing with several "issues" regarding parents questioning everything in hopes of finding something complaint worthy.


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