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I Remember Him Now

This poem is in the fabulous collection of poems and short stories by Ivan Fitzwater titled "Laugh With Me, Cry With Me."

I Remember Him Now
I remember him now-- a shy little boy who sat in the
back of my class.
He never talked; he did his work just barely enough to pass.
He never tried to play the clown, nor did he seek my aid.
It haunts me when I think about the difference I might
have made.

The principal said I'd be the one to tell his family.
A suicide note addressed to no one simply said:
"I've got to be free."
"Why," I protested, "should I be charged to bring the horrible news?
I hardly knew him. I taught him, yes, but there are
others you should choose."

"It's because of this note that we found in his things
that we ask you to be the one.
The memory book that the dime store gives and the
kids find so much fun--
He only wrote on a single page, that pathetic little
He wrote your name on the page that says:

---All I could say when I read that the first time was "WOW!"
Everyone is important. Everyone is special in his or her own way.
I try to keep this poem in mind and let all my students know that
they are unique and important.

Suicide is not a light subject, and I chose to share this poem more
as a reminder to teachers that you do make a difference.

You are important to your students. True, as they get older it gets harder for them to express your significance in their lives, but they do appreciate you. You can make a huge impact on the direction they take. For some, all it takes is to show interest in something they are proud of. Or to take the time to comment or compliment them on something they put time and effort into. If they have a passion, take the time to boost their confidence, and set their heart soaring with pride.

Everyone is important... everyone is important.


At 10:38 PM, Anonymous jay said...

just have to say that the poem is remarkably moving.... thank you for posting it.

suicide is indeed a hard topic - trust me, i know.

i'd like to post this poem on my own site, with a link back, if that's ok?

kind regards to you.

At 12:52 AM, Blogger Tachizuno said...

Jay, that's perfectly fine... thanks for asking.

At 10:18 AM, Blogger Himself said...

What a wonderful poem. I remember a time when I was teaching in a Christian day school and I felt that I had acted wrongly with my class of students. I summoned up my courage and said to the class "God has convicted me....and I named what I felt I had done wrong. After I was finished I said "Please forgive me..." One girl who was in the school because it was there or reform school looked at me with a faraway look in her eyes and said "I forgive you!" Who knows the outcome of thqat incident in the the life of that your girl. Just thought I'd share that.


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