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Words of Wisdom #1

Have an imaginary line around your desk.

I have an imaginary line that they sometimes forget about. I call it my office when they step across the line. I'll say with a smile "I see that you stepped into my office. I don't remember hearing you knock."

Students need to raise their hand to leave their seat in my room. I allow them to do this most of the time, as long as they ask.

There's also a big rule that nobody touches my desk. The things on my desk on mine, and anything they need isn't on my desk.

If I didn't have this rule, I can expect students coming up for every possible thing from being teased to not having supplies.


At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a lot of wisdom and strong points which I do agree with. The testing for NCLB is scarry. I enjoyed your comic, One class packed because nobody else was qualified. There is so much knowledge to be gained by an individual and not enough time in the classroom day to even beging to teach everything. It is so important for a teacher to encourage students to dig in deeper, explore things on their own and information other than what is presented in the classroom. This is done through creativity, enthusiasm and by just making learning fun. You are right, teaching to pass the required test will make learning boaring, and take away the individual creativity that each teacher possesses. The test also leaves out so much more that is necessary for the children to learn.
Don't choose to leave the profession, keep on fighting, it's another lesson for the students.


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