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Favorite subject?

I'm traditionally known as the Math guy in my school. I guess that has always been the case for me. I do enjoy all subject areas, some A LOT more than others, but to perfectly honest, I don't dislike any of the core subject areas.

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When I was in school, and having to do the load of work, I could not stand any Social Studies courses. It just seemed too repetitious, and something that was memorized, and forgotten the next week. That isn't the case anymore, and I find it fascinating.

Maybe the way I felt about these subjects was a direct reflection on how the teacher felt about them, or how they felt about teaching. I certainly have a lot more gusto and enthusiasm when my classroom is working on math problems versus something else. Not that I don't get involved in Science, Language Arts, or other areas, it's just that way with me and math.

An enthusiastic teacher can really do a lot of good things in a classroom though. I know for a fact that a Science class full of hands-on activities and labs excite students a lot more than a lecture/notetaking type of setting.

Have you ever had a teacher that was just outstanding, and made everything seem like a wonderful adventure? Have you had those teachers that drone on and on, making you want to cry, watching the clock tick slowly?

What was your favorite subject in school? Why was it like that?


At 12:11 PM, Blogger Dirty Butter said...

I evolved into the math person at our elementary school over the years, too. Yes, it is easier to teach a subject that you are enthusiastic about, and your students learn more from a teacher who is passionate about the subject, too.

I team taught the last 10 years or so of my elementary teaching career, which was great, because it allowed each of us to teach our strengths. I loved it.

On my way to Vote for you on BLOG VILLAGE!

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Angry Dad said...

I like most of my subjects during primary and high school, although I must say I had a penchant for music classes. The teachers always seemed to take themselves a little less seriously!


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