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Teachers are overpaid??

(Humorous... I found this online, but thought it was interesting)

I'm fed up with teachers and their hefty salary guides.
What we need here is a little perspective. If I had my
way, I'd pay these teachers myself...I'd pay them
Babysitting wages. That's right. I
Instead of paying these outrageous taxes,
I'd give them $3.00 an hour out of my own
pocket. And I'm only going to pay them for five hours, not
coffee breaks. That would be $15.00 a day. Each parent
should pay $15 a day for these teachers to babysit their
children. Even if they have more than one child, it's
still cheaper than private day care.

Now, how many children do they teach in a day, maybe
twenty? That's $15 X 20 = $300 a day. But remember they
only work 180 days a year! I'm not going to pay them for
all those vacations. $300 X180 = $54,000. (Just a minute,
I think my calculator needs batteries.)

I know you teachers will say, "What about those who have
ten years of experience and a Master's degree?" Well,
maybe, (just to be fair) they could get the minimum wage,
and instead of just babysitting, they could read the kids a
story. We can round that off to about $5.00 an hour, times
5 hours, times 20 children...$5.00 X 5 X 20. That's $500 a
day times 180 days. That's $90,000. HUH? Wait a
minute...! Let's get a little perspective here.

Babysitting wages are too good for those teachers. Did
anyone see a salary guide around here???!!!


At 6:15 PM, Anonymous Betty said...

I love it! My son used to make more mowing lawns than his sisters did babysitting. It's like people cared more for their grass than their kids. People complain all of the time about the costs of daycare. Thanks for sharing. (My daughter has friends that pay over $60 for an evening out. The rates are going up for babysitters.)

At 1:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The typical Long Island teacher makes $90,000 per year after 10 years of service. That’s working 6 1/2 hours a day for 182 days. After 14 years, they make over $100K. That’s only their base pay. If they do afterschool clubs, sports, library duty — that more money. Their pension is basically 56% of their final three year average. That means most Long Island teachers can easily make $60K per year as their pension, with a Cost-of-Living-Increase every year. The other day a teacher told me they can make three times their pay in the real world. NOT! Don't let a teacher get away of saying they do work at home -- no way! They mark papers during their prep period and they use the same lesson plan year after year. All I can say if get rid of tenure in New York State and put some fear in the teachers so they stop complaining to get more money

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who complains about teacher salary has obviously never been a teacher. Teachers are grossly underpaid, and that IS a fact.

At 11:55 AM, Blogger Samantha said...

Some teachers deserve the money they earn, however, from personal expeirence there are teachers who sit there and go on facebook, show us their wedding photos, basically do nothing. The lesson plans they use come from other teachers. They are over payed and need to stop complaining. If they put in a little more effort they would be appreciated

At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff I know teachers are over paid and only 2% have ever lost their jobs .That alone tells you there is something very wrong with the system.They even accrue vacatio time which I dont understand .They should be happy with temp time . They hide so much from tax payers it is awful. I would press hard people to bring this to your local dstricts as they allways spend everything they get and never have saved any money for the taxpayers it is allways more more more whats wrong with this picture and the way they act towards a man is pathetic

At 11:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Teachers are OVER PAID? What kind of world do you live in? lol

There's SO much that teachers do inside/outside school that they do not get paid for

For example: parent teacher interviews. Teachers still have to teach for the day, and then do the interviews in the afternoon/night..with NO pay. Could we say to the parents, "School is over. Sorry, can't talk about your childs failing grades outside of school time"?

We coach/supervise various teams/clubs that take many weekends out of our schedule. Do we get paid? No.

We deal with children with learning disabilities and emotional and behavior problems on a daily basis. Do we get paid more for the extra work that comes along with this? No.

Look at it this way:
I was at the local gym the other night 25 minutes to 8pm(closing time). I asked if I could go in and work out for those 25 minutes, and the lady at the desk says "well, we would like to have you all out BEFORE 8pm."... even though it states that the gym is open until 8pm.
Imagine if a student came up to a teacher at the end of the last period of the school day, and kindly asks for help with math. Could the teacher say, "Well, school is over at 3pm, my time is up. Ask me during school hours" ?

Enough said.

At 2:18 PM, Blogger Dazed, somewhat confused said...

Contractually teachers work way more than their contracted hours. If they didn't the job wouldn't get done. Any other profession doesn't entail professionals working for free. A police officer gets overtime pay if they work past their contracted hours and they don't hold a candle to the academia a teacher must have. Firemen get paid fairly well with very lucrative retirement packages but often are on the clock but not "working". Not sure I would characterize firemen as overpaid, and when called upon to serve in an emergency situation they have to step up and put their lives on the line. But let's go back to teachers for a moment. I have yet to meet a teacher in my 21 years of teaching who just kicks it and does nothing. It doesn't happen in my experience. My typical morning starts 'round 5ish or so. I double check and finalize lessons I have planned as well as copying files and video to take for my lessons I teach at school. I have never used a textbook in my 20 + years of teaching. I create my curriculum. I get to school in time to prep the classroom, get things ready and then I work non stop catering to 34 students who often need me every minute of the hour. Our current class of young people for those who haven't noticed are often coming to the class tired, or over reliant because they aren't getting enough sleep or they simply don't care. This accounts for about half the students I see day in and day out. Additionally for the full hour I am multi-tasking beyond most people's capability. Not bragging, just being honest. I like it. It makes my job fun. Before I know it the next class is coming in, and I do it all over again. During any given class period I have automatically 3-5 students who are late and are trying to give me some lame excuse for their tardiness, and kids breaking rules (they eat in class or try to) and once I take attendance and get the ball rolling I have to call out 4 to 5 students who are trying to get on the computer and find a proxy to get to banned sites, or check their email. Once rolling the class is fairly on automatic pilot but I go back and forth from catering to their needs, trouble shooting computers that don't work properly, and trying to get some grading in. Once my prep rolls around I hit the computer to put on my favorite sports radio station maybe call a friend while I grade and plan. I do this up until two minutes before the bell rings, and then I run to the john to take care of business. Back it starts all over again. During classes I usually have several interruptions from outside people I need to attend to, and usually my kids are working on extra projects which I am helping them with 'cause we compete in contests for video. Once my contracted time ends I will stay an extra hour or so, sometimes 2 hours just to catch up, or try to. This is unpaid. And when I get home I try not to do anything but will get on the computer and plan for the next day all at unpaid time. When grades are due I will stay multiple days after contracted time for about 2 to 3 hours and last quarter after doing this for over 20 years I stayed for 7 hours after contracted time 'cause I assign so much work I feel I have to grade it, and I simply don't get the time. So no. I would say I'm not underpaid, but I certainly do a lot of work for free. If you email me I will give you my blog site since I devote this to education and other social issues.

At 2:20 PM, Blogger Dazed, somewhat confused said...

Please visit my educational blog.

At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL @ Anon, teachers are overpaid...... Teachers don't work extra due to their 1 hour planning period. ROFL. City teachers around here start off at 45k a year. No supplies are provided by the school, teachers have to pay out of pocket. That 1 hour plan time is constantly used for subbing for other teachers, since the city doesn't use substitutes. The school requires all lesson plans to be written in JPTAAR format, which anyone familiar with it can tell you is many pages. Not to mention any student with an IEP has to have their own custom tailored plan. My wifes class has 10 IEP's, which makes 11 lesson plans a day. After all plans are done it's time for grading papers. My wife gets up at 0500 to be at school early and start, schools out at 1500, she stays until 1700 for the white board portion, then comes home and works until 2230 just to be prepared for the next day. I forgot to mention all of the professional development seminars and the constant worry of students that know the work but get bored and refuse to take the entire MSA test (good luck getting them to). I have a lot of respect for anyone that is crazy enough to work that kind of job for that pay.

At 11:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a good question. How many good teachers actually work even as few as 60 hours per week, and hiow many do not spend at least three weeks prepping for the fall semester in summer?


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