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Math Game - Last One Standing

This is a game that I use in class that most of the students like. It's called "Last One Standing" and I actually created the game before the show "Last Comic Standing" came out.

Basically it follows the same premise... be the last one standing at the board and you win.

I pick 6 students randomly to go up to the board (you could have more or less) I give a problem to solve (usually one of the four basic operations). If any of the six get it wrong, they are out. If all six get it right, the last one to get it right is out. I fill the spots and continue until there is only one left standing, and they receive a prize of some sort.

Sometimes I need to make things move quicker so I say that if everyone gets it right, the slowest two are out.

I use this game to review for a test. Students that are knocked out work on assignments, watch, solve the problems to try to beat those up at the board, or find something else to do.


At 8:01 AM, Blogger jannx said...

I was just passing through. I enjoyed both of your blog pages. Thanks for sharing.

At 8:14 PM, Anonymous tachizuno said...

Thanks for the comment... I appreciate the visit!


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