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A good start

I began the summer school session by testing both groups with the Brigance computation test for math, so I could have an idea on what we really need to work on in math. That took a while, and we went over the test afterwards. From there I'm trying to get them to catch up to where they should be at the end of their respective grade level.

I've started off the reading/writing portion with some stories and questions. This has gone fairly smoothly, although the fluency is an issue with both groups. Which is the reason they are there in the first place, I'd guess. I've stressed grouping words together, and that has already helped some. I'm sure their teachers did that too during the school year, so maybe they just needed a reminder.

If there are any of you that have dealt with summer school that have any comments, please post them, or e-mail me at

I'm always welcome to ideas that will make me a better teacher. This is my first go at working during the summer. I'm trying to keep it fun, yet constant. I'm enjoying it so far.


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