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Summer school

I signed up to teach summer school this year, and I'll begin doing that next Monday. I'm mainly going to be working on catching students up as much as possible in math, reading and writing. I've been able to spend some time getting a few lessons together for them. I'm still waiting for the final numbers to arrive. It should work well, having smaller numbers. That'll give me time to focus specifically on each student's needs.

I'm considering using a version of readers theater for one phase of the reading goal. I think we could have some fun with that.

I'm trying to put myself in the student's shoes, and I know they aren't feeling totally motivated about going to school in the summer. Hopefully they'll enjoy the first day, and I can energize them enough to gain some ground.

In August the second session of summer school begins, and I'll be trying to give the students attending a head start for the upcoming school year. This is the first year a summer session has been offered at our school, at least in the past ten years. I'll try to make this as successful as possible.


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