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A wise man once said

Never judge a book by its cover!

I know we've all heard this phrase before, maybe a thousand times. This simple phrase can be taken into so many contexts in life. We could simply look at it in physical terms and understand that we should try to read the pages in the book to truly gauge what the book is all about.

In a deeper sense, we can look at people in general, and try not to be as judgemental of them. The same thing applies with people, it's the stuff inside that matters the most.

Off of the soapbox, and onto other things. I try to learn new things every day. In fact today I learned that I'm not as young as I thought I was. My back has had problems in the past, but today it is to the most extreme it's been. Not the best way to start off my summer vacation, but I'll manage. It does seem to feel better once I loosen up during the day. If I'm on my feet it seems better as well. I do have LDDD (Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease) but this seems more like a muscle pull than the discs.

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I'm still working on some ideas for summer school. I'm using Edhelper. com as one of my sources for material. I'll be teaching students from my normal grade (sixth) in the mornings, and fourth grade students in the afternoon. The sixth grade students will get to work on basic math operations and some reading comprehension, and also working on reading fluency.

The fourth grade students will concentrate on comprehension/fluency and also on the basic math facts.


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